Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drivers vs. Non-Drivers winning 3-1

Today is a big day in our household.  

Today begins the end of being the chauffeur of our children,
I mean our first kid has gotten his license.  

We went to the DMV for an appointment that we made a month ago only to have it start sprinkling as soon as we arrived.  We got all of the paperwork done but we had to make a return appointment to come back for the driving test because the roads were getting wet.  Not much, but enough to cancel our testing plans.  So we made a new appointment - three weeks for the next appointment.  

On the way home we stopped at the green grocer.  When we came out about 20 minutes later the sun had come out and dried up the roads.  We weren't far from the DMV so we took a chance and went back.  So glad we did.  Ben got his road test and passed with flying colors.  Whew!

I took some pics of Ben when we got home to mark the occasion.  It was a happy coincidence that he was standing in front of the picture that Erin Cobb took of my kids 2 years ago.  
Man, how times have changed.  

In fact, look at the height and weight on Ben's permit and license.  
In two years the kid has grown almost a foot but has only gained 30 pounds.  
He is a lean, mean driving machine.  

Congrats kid, I am proud of you.  
Now be careful out there.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

I can't believe how long it has been since I got around to blogging my everyday, mundane life for your reading pleasure.  

One of the things that I have been doing since I last blogged in MAY (what!!!) is to spend a disproportionate amount time on Pinterest.  I swear that I sit down to just take a quick look to see what is new and look up and 2 hours of my life have disappeared.
OK, maybe that it a little bit of an exaggeration.

Not really. 

OK, maybe an hour is missing from my life.  

Anywho, I recently saw on Pinterest several posts by folks raving about these easy homemade doughnuts.  Since it is Saturday morning of a long weekend and we were having a slow start to our morning I thought I would give them a try.  

This recipe starts by popping open a can of refrigerated biscuits.

Yes, I already had them in the frig.
Don't judge. :)

I flattened them out a bit and then cut a hole in the center.

Made a couple of quick finishes for the doughnuts:
a simple vanilla sugar glaze and cinnamon sugar.

When my oil hit 350 degrees I popped those bad boys into the oil and the magic began.  

They got really puffy and browned beautifully.  

 Peaches was playing possum in the kitchen floor.  She always hangs out in the kitchen when I am cooking.  She may look asleep but I can guarantee that if the slightest morsel of food hit the floor she would have been the first to know. 

This is how the doughnuts looked when they came out of the oil.
GB&D - golden brown and delicious!

"Mom, drop something already!"

Here is the finished product.  
Half of them dipped into melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar and the other half dipped into the vanilla sugar glaze.  
What, you say?  You only count 8 doughnut holes?  

If I have heard Gordon Ramsey say it once, I have heard him say it a hundred times to taste the food that leaves your kitchen.  
Who am I to question a man with several Michelin stars?  
They were wonderful, pillowy, melt-in-your mouth doughnuts.  

Who knew you could do that with refrigerated biscuits?