Saturday, July 6, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

I am a girl who likes a s'more.
I just don't always like to have to build a fire to have one.
And I try not to keep chocolate bars around the house.  
We all like them too much.  
Way too much. 

But every once in a while I just gotta have a s'more. 

My daughter recently introduced me to Nutella.  
Where has this stuff been all my life?  
It is rich and chocolatey and creamy. 
Ah, the stuff of my sweet tooth dreams! 

Fortunately because is it so rich and chocolatey and creamy 
I can eat a small amount and be satisfied.  
I smear a couple of graham squares with the Nutella...

and skewer a couple of marshmallows.

Fire up the indoor campfire (i.e. gas range) and get busy!

This is where the true skill begins.
This is where we separate the marshmallow connoisseurs from the rushed amateurs.

You just can't rush a good toasted marshmallow.  
If you try to do too fast you wind up with a black, crusty marshmallow that is cold on the inside.
It takes patience and attention to achieve the perfectly toasted marshmallow. 
Creamy on the inside and perfectly toasted and crunchy on the outside.  
This, my friends, is perfection.  

Time to lay those beauties on the crackers and slide the skewer out. 

The perfect dessert without all of the campfire bother.  

Serious yum.  

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